Begining of the Game
  • You start the game with the items in the picture and 200,000 yang.
  • The duration of the given items is 3 days.
  • By opening
    Büyük Üstat Sandığı
      at 90 level, you can get the starting items again.

Aura Sash System
  • You can upgrade your 25 Absorb Sash with
    Kuşak Parşomeni
    up to 30 Absorb.
  • There is a possibility that it will fail. If successful, aura effect will appear on the character.
  • When bonus absorbed sashes are developed with aura, they renew existing bonuses based on the new absorption rate.

Metins of Particle
  • You can get
    Sarı Parçacık
    Yeşil Parçacık
    Mor Parçacık
    Red Forest and upper maps.
  • After you collect 10 pieces, you will get
    Sarı Parça
    Yeşil Parça
    Mor Parça
  • By using
    Sarı Parça
    Yeşil Parça
    Mor Parça
    you can summon Metin of Particle.
  • 75 weapons, items such as dungeon upgrade items you can get valuable item drops.

Adding Items to the Active Shop
  • You can add items to your active shop from the shortcut in your inventory.
  • There is no map or ch barrier to add.

Insignia Purification System
  • With the insignia you obtain from the dungeons, you can obtain Insignia Reward Chests.
  • There are valuable items obtained from dungeon bosses in chests.

Enchantable Mount System
  • The mount seal
    Binek Mührü
      does not disappear after the mount seal expires. It remains in your inventory for 0 minutes. You can extend the time of your mount with
    Binek Süre Uzatıcı (24 Saat)
  • You can change the appearance of your mount by dragging
    Magma Ejder Sertifikası
      onto your mount seal.
  • You can change your mount's name with
    At şekeri
  • If you want to buy a new one instead of renewing the expired mount, you can buy new mount seals for 100,000 Yang from Seon-Pyeong in the Common Zone.
  • You can get
    Evrim Parşömeni
    Mutasyon Parşömeni
      in every evening and you can trade these items with
    Binek Efsun Ekleme
    Binek Efsun Nesnesi
    in General Store.
  • With
    Binek Efsun Ekleme
      you can add bonus to your mount.
  • With
    Binek Efsun Nesnesi
      you can change the bonuses of your mount.

+5 Stone Craft - Shield and Helmet Stones
  • With
    Düşük Kalite Obsidyen
    Yüksek Kalite Obsidyen
      you can upgrade your +4 stones in the Event Assistant in the Common Zone.
  • With
    Zırh Matkabı
    Silah Matkabı
      you can open 6 slots in your weapons and armor.
  • You can add new element stones to your shields and helmets. Like other stones, these stones fall from the Metin Stones.
  • With
    Kask Matkabı
    Kalkan Matkabı
      you can open 6 slots in your shields and helmets.

Buff Protection Scroll
  • Thanks to
    Buff Koruma Parşomeni
      even if you die, your buffs will not disappear.
  • If you are offline in the game, this item will not expire.
  • Dispel skill doesn't work against this item.

Sealed Bonus
  • When you get items in the game, you get 2 randomly sealed bonuses.
  • Sealed bonuses works independently of the original 5 bonuses, and when you transform you items, the same sealed bonuses passes to new item.
  • You cannot change these bonuses, but you can change their rates with the Sealed Enchantment Item.

Fixed Boss Coordinates on Map
  • Bosses appear in the game at 00 and 30 minutes of each hour.
  • You can find out where the bosses are from the blue dots on the map.
  • Even if the bosses don't live, their coordinates appear on the map.

Permanent Ore System
  • You can get permanent ores by buying them from the alchemist and add your items.
  • You cannot add permanent ores while your item has temporary ores.
  • You cannot add temporary ore to the item which has already permanent ore.

2000 Item Stacking and New Shortcuts
  • Your items can be stacked up to 2000 items.
  • With CTRL + Right Click, you can open the chests as 200s.
  • With CTRL + Left Click you can see the contents of chests.
  • You can sell items quickly by doing CTRL + X + Right Click at NPCs.
  • You can buy bulk by making SHIFT + Left Click from NPCs. Items are not stacked in bulk purchase. You can use inventory editing in inventory after purchase for this.
  • You cannot open bulk boxes in villages and common areas.

New WON System
  • The won trade system has become more functional. You will be able to buy 1 won ticket for 100kk from the store and 1 gold bar for 1 won.
  • The gold bar and won ticket can be stocked up to 2000. The functions of trade, warehouse, market, throwing, deleting and selling are closed.
  • Right-click on the gold bar and won ticket to get the value of won and yang.

Soul Seal
  • Soul Seal is a seal that can be worn permanently in the ring slots.
  • This seal gives you ; Strong against monsters, Bosses, Metins and Monster defence bonuses.
  • The seal can be upgraded from + 0 to + 20 and requires for insignias while upgrading.
  • When you wear the seal after +5 +10 and + 15, a special effect appears on your character.
  • You can get the Soul Seal from the Insignia Chests.

Open and Close, Permanent Dews, Piercing-Critical, Energy and Dragon God Items
  • Can be produced from Huahn-So.
  • Can be made permanent and open and close.

Dungeon Tracking System
  • You can see the minimum and maximum entry levels of the dungeon.
  • You can see the time that you need to complete the dungeon.
  • You can see the object to enter the dungeon.
  • You can see how many hours you can get into the dungeon.
  • In the dungeon you can see the required element, attack and defense bonus.
  • You can see the time required for the next entry to the dungeon.
  • Shows a preview of the dungeon boss.
  • It will notify you from the bottom left when the dungeon's waiting time is over.

Renewed Pet System
  • Pets now have a constant growth rate and can be seen on the seal.
  • You can see the skill slots and evolution status from the seal.
  • Pet gives the attack value instead of SP.
  • Pets give their features according to their evolution.
  • The first bonus is HP, the second is defense and the last is the attack value bonus is activated.
  • You can see a preview of the pet from the pet seals.
  • Not all pets in the game have the same skill levels.
  • Monkey and spider skills maximum 10, razador and nemere 15, meley and dragon 20 can be done.
  • 3 new pet skills available: Metin Hunter, Experience and Half-Human
  • You don't need to drag items to the Object Exp screen when you're developing pets. You can right-click the object exp items to explode your pet object exp.
  • You can reset your active pet skills.
  • If your pet has skills, they disappear.
  • When you teleport, change characters, etc., the last level pet you call is automatically comes.
  • You cannot teach half-human skills to a BERSERKER skill-trained pet.

Myth Dragon Soul
Type Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3-5
+15 INT %15 Ice Resistance +18 Magical attack value
Resistance to skill damage %18
%18 Damage will be absorbed by HP
Resistance to Lycan attacks %18
Strong against Lycans %18
Strong against bosses %18
+15 STR %15 Fire Resistance Defence +300
Attack Value +450
Chance of projecting close combat strokes %18
Resistance to warrior attacks %18
Strong against fighters %18
%27 Exp Bonus Chance
Max SP +750 %15 Wind Resistance Max HP +%27
Piercing resistance %18
HP regeneration changed %14
Resistance to Sura attacks %18
Strong against the suras %18
Skill Damage %18
+15 DEX %15 Earth Resistance Strong against monsters %18
Monster Defense %18
HP production %35
Resistance to shaman attacks %18
Strong against shamans %18
Max HP +3750
Max HP +2250 %15 Lightning Resistance Average damage resistance %15
Critical damage resistance %18
Chance of yang drop rate %27
Resistance to ninja attacks %18
Strong against ninjas %18
Strong against metins %18
+15 VIT %15 Dark Resistance Avoid arrows %18
Strong against half humans %18
Chance of item rates %27
Average damage %18
Half human defense %18
Chance of blocking melee attacks %18

Shopping System
  • Now you will be able to shop with items instead of yang.
  • Gaya, NP and Won Table special stock system is applied.

Poison Bottle
  • Even if your level is not enough to kill the bosses, you will be able to throw poison with this bottle.
  • You can stop renewing HP by dragging the bottle onto the boss.
  • The bottle doesn't damage bosses but only stops the regeneration.

Stock System
  • This feature is only available in the Gaya and NP market.
  • When the players purchase an item, the stock of that item runs out of stock. No one can buy when the stock runs out.
  • Stocks are renewed during maintenance and manual intervention of game managers.

Red Buff System
  • When buff rates exceed 55%, the buff color becomes red.
  • The shaman buffs that come upon you are transmitted to you in detail below.
  • If you have a lower amount of buff while you have buff on you, the buff on you is not deleted

Ancient Weapons
  • You can create the ancient 30-75 and Zodiac weapons in the Common Zone.
  • You can get the necessary materials from the dungeons

Evolution System
  • You can get extra damage by improving your weapon with evolution points.
  • According to evolution, your weapon will have a new glow.
  • You can upgrade the evolution of your items with
    Evrim Taşı
  • You can increase the chances of upgrading your items with
    Premium Evrim Cila Fırçası

Notification System
  • The dungeon, biologist, and daily reward waiting period will inform you from the bottom left when they finish.
  • If you sell items from your offline market, you will receive a notification, no matter which map you are on.
  • Notifies you when someone in your friends list enters the game.
  • You can turn off the game options in detail.

New Biologist System
  • You can give biologist tasks through the window that opens from the inventory menu.
  • There are no biologist item drops in the game. You can buy them all from the Biologist with the Biologist Book.
    Biyolog Kitabı
  • There are no waiting period of up to 94 for biologist quests. There is a possibility of failure.
  • After 94 quest there are 9 new quests. Quests have waiting period and there is a possibility of failure.
  • You can give the quest with the Elixir by clicking the Elixir on the Biologist screen.
  • When the waiting period of the biologist quest is over, you will receive notification from the bottom left.

Costume Set Bonus
  • After wearing a costume and headgear with the same name, you get a costume bonus if you wear a costume weapon.
  • Costume descriptions include costume set bonuses.

Fast Upgrade
  • You can upgrade your items quickly without closing the upgrade screen.

Daily Reward System
  • Players above 90 levels can benefit.
  • Every 24 hours you will receive a certain prize determined by the system.

Renewed Belt System
  • You no longer have to wear belts to use belt inventory.
  • You can use the inventory by opening the belt slots with the belt inventory. 
    Kemer Envanteri Genişletme
  • You can put extracts, critical-piercing, dews and blessings of dragon gods in your belt inventory.

Degree Bonus System
  • After 12,000 degrees you will receive bonuses depending on your degree.
  • It gives you monsters, metins and and boss bonuses.
  • After 12,000 degrees, you can not increase your degree with killing monsters or time.
  • After 12,000 degrees, you can only increase your degree with the Fruit of Life. 
    Yaşam Meyvesi
  • After 12,000 new degrees were added. Each degree has a new bonus rate.

Global Boss System - Arachne
  • Every day at 21:00 it appears in the Boss Dungeon.
  • Throws dozens of gaya and legendary cor.
  • The Boss dungeon is open to PvP.

Dungeon Attachments
  • Shows the remaining time of the dungeon under the minimap.
  • If your character is stuck or trapped, you can go to the beginning of the dungeon that you are in with the "Save from Bug" button on the quests window.
  • When you disconnected in the dungeon, you can continue where you left the dungeon, provided you do not exceed 5 minutes.
  • You can enter the dungeons alone without a group.
  • Access to the dungeons is available from Jaharr, the Dragon Keeper in the common area.
  • You can buy tickets with Moon, Red Moon and Green Moon Scrolls.
  • You can get these scrolls from Metins.

Costume - Pet - Passenger Lengthening
  • You can extend the duration of your pet, mount and costumes with these items.
  • You can extend the duration of the other items up to 3 times, except mount seal.

Event System
  • You can see the active event instantly from the event calendar in tasks.
  • When there is an active event, the task icon changes to the event drop icon.

Mission Books
  • You can earn prizes by performing quests in mission books within a range of levels.

Security System
  • Unlike other traditional servers, all security systems are one in the game.
  • Your storage password is the same as your lock and security password.
  • You can switch the security system off and on at any time.

Buff Skills On-Off
  • You can turn off your buff skills like Aura of the Sword, Crimson Wolf Soul.
  • The skill remains active unless death, dispel and manual intervention are performed.

New Passive Skills
  • 9 new passive skills.
  • You can develop these skills by reading books in Confucius.
  • This gives you; boss, metin, monster, monster defense, experience, item, critical parry, piercing parry gives bonuses.

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